• oct 2021
    aug 2022
    10 months

    Solutions Engineer

    Stria, LLC

    While working at Stria, LLC, I gained a wealth of technical knowledge and perspectives on how organizational structures function. This role will enable me to more precisely define customer demands and to leverage my educational experience to guarantee that our advancements and client needs incorporate a 360-degree perspective. Clients always come first, and nothing less than the finest is ever provided.
  • sep 2020
    oct 2021
    1 year 1 month

    Information Systems Support Specialist

    Stria, LLC

    I made a lateral transfer from Quality Assurance Coordinator to Information Systems Support Specialist in the MDS-Production team. This enables me to be a jack of all trades and work on all parts of Stria, LLC. This allows me to gain experience in a variety of jobs while concentrating on the technical aspect.
  • apr 2018
    sep 2020
    2 years 6 months

    Quality Assurance Coordinator

    Stria, LLC

    Specializing in data informatics, medical imaging, and quality assurance while assisting in the management of a 100-person team. I spend the most of my day devising new solutions. We develop innovative automations to improve our quality. Additionally, I spend a significant amount of time with Smartsheet.
  • may 2015
    apr 2018
    2 years 10 months

    Services Coordiantor

    Stria, LLC

    Proven leader of an unseen team that contributes to the transformation of lives; many lives of individuals who will never learn of my contribution to their records. Each day, I get the opportunity to assist patients and companies with contracts, medical records, and employee records. At Stria, I work with a lot of software and technology. I have worked directly on projects for big hospitals as well as smaller community hospitals and medical clinics in the Bakersfield, California region. I am capable of quickly recognizing and classifying any medical paper. I have worked on various contract digitizing projects outside of the medical profession.
  • feb 2015
    may 2015
    4 months

    Document Management Specialist I

    Stria, LLC

    Started from the ground up scanning newly prepared content at a fast rate of speed into a capture program. From capture through quality assurance, only the finest quality images are retained for optimum readability. Data input for hospital procedures, contract indexing, and overall correctness. Promoted to Coordinator, with the responsibility of leading a team within a few months.
  • feb 2016
    5 years


    NickPic.Host was developed in response to the antagonism displayed by a large number of established hosts in its niche. Rivals of the host have banned direct connections and the usage of them as Content Delivery Networks, therefore shutting down a large portion of one of my personal favorite forums. As a result, I built NickPic.Host to fill a void. As a result, I gained extensive expertise managing data, including uploading a significant number of files to Amazon S3 and BackBlaze B2. Process 50 million impressions every month, hundreds of gigabytes of data daily, and terabytes of bandwidth. I am responsible for the maintenance of a network of servers that enables me to service tens of millions of users.
  • nov 2007
    nov 2017
    10 years


    Advanced wiki editing in wiki syntax is used to generate new material, moderate previous contributions to ensure they adhere to site standards, assist others, answer queries, seed new content, fix page names, and repair/reset account. I retain the job, albeit my involvement on the network has dwindled in recent months. AboutUs sparked my interest in technology. Throughout the 2010s, AboutUs was the world's largest wiki.